CDK250 Astrograph

CDK250 Astrograph

Corrected Dall-Kirkham astrograph
Aperture: 250mm
Focal length: 1450mm
F/D: 5.8
Central obstruction: 125mm
Mirror material: Annealed Schott Borofloat 33
Mirror coatings: Protected Aluminium
Lenses: Broadband coated N-BK7
Weight: 10kg

Price: $9850

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The CDK250 is a premium category astrograph designed for Deep Space imaging at the maximum resolution allowed by atmospheric conditions. It has integrated thermal control with 3 temperature sensors and heaters for the optics. It features electronic focusing with high quality rack and pinion focuser and manual field rotator. It comes observatory ready, with dovetail plate, external light baffle, finder shoe, Bahtinov mask, magnetic dust cover, and 12V power adaptor. Fully corrected field diameter is 43mm.  The carbon tube length is 500mm and the weight is 10kg. Designed for maximum user friendliness, there are no collimating adjustments provided/necessary for the primary mirror. The secondary mirror is collimated with two thumb screws that have small locking levers.